Presidential Message 

I begin this month’s presidential communication with a synopsis of past activities since I became the LSRT President.  Members of the Elected and Executive Board attended the LSBME meeting in August.  This in-person event consisted of discussions centered around Private Radiologic Technologists (PRTs), the adoption of the Control the Dose program, the disagreement of indirect supervision, and the importance of employing certified and licensed Radiologic Technologists. A subcommittee has now been formed with the LSBME and the LSRTBE meeting to review/discuss the position, educational requirements, and job description of a PRTs. 

      We will continue to be vigilant on encroachment and legislative issues, and advocate for our field.  We have been very proactive in our recent issues, in person and via social media. Our voice is being heard within our state and in other states.

     I am so proud to serve with you as a Radiologic Technologist in our noble profession. I hope you all had an awesome Radiologic Technologist Week and showered with the appreciation you deserve.  Always remember that Rad Techs are way more than diagnostic and therapeutic imaging experts.  We embrace every aspect of the care, treatment, and services we provide to our patients.  Whether transporting, ensuring patient needs are met, taking images, or performing tests, we are up for the job. 

     In closing, I found a wonderful quote by Abraham Maslow “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” These words are reflective of my feelings during my term as the LSRT President. Always with safety in mind, we have to continue to grow in our profession and allow others to see us advance as well. Being seen and heard does not always fall in the safe zone, but rather in the progressive sector.    We should not be afraid to speak up about things that matter.



Sarah Barnes, MBA, R.T.(R)(CT)

President, LSRT


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