Thankfully, last year was an opportunity for many of us in Louisiana to find some normalcy again. Louisiana was not in the cone of uncertainty on the Weather Channel, Radiology departments were not navigating “abundance of care” Covid protocols, and Top Gun: Maverick reminded us why we love movies.  Louisiana is a resilient state and I hope that each of you were able to have a moment of peace and rest in 2022 that will motivate you in 2023. The LSRT completed some monumental tasks in 2022 and the Executive Board is excited to continue to serve you in 2023.

Last year we discussed the possibility of the state licensure law being challenged by one large corporation. At this time, there still has not been an official motion. The 2023 regular legislative session will convene in April. Please have confidence that your Executive Board members are continuing to watch and prepare for any updates. Our Legislative Affairs Committee and Advocacy Task Force are communicating with the ASRT to ensure that should this threat become real, imaging professionals in the state will have a voice. The LSRT strongly opposes limited licensure and as the state’s only society for medical imaging professionals, we are the premier entity concerning standards of education and quality of patient care in the state.

In a members’ needs survey last year, you reported that the number one thing you want out of your LSRT membership is continuing education credits. So, I am happy to report that the LSRT is once again hosting its Midwinter Conference on the LSUA campus on March 11, 2023. The program includes both Junior and Senior agendas as well as technologist lectures for a total of 5 ASRT Category A credits.

Please see our website,, and Facebook page for more details. Our Annual Conference will be held at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans on July 13-15. It’s not too early to get registered or to book your rooms now!

I hope 2023 is going to be a great year for all of us. Let’s focus on serving others while taking care of ourselves, too! Thank you for allowing the LSRT to continue to serve you.


Allison Puente, MSRS., R.T.(R)(CT)






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