The LSRT bylaws state that the will be one business meeting per year.  The business meeting is typically held in conjunction with the annual meeting and is planned as part of the program for that meeting.  The LSRT Executive Board finds it necessary to currently meet 4 times a year to manage the affairs of the LSRT.  The meetings are one in the spring, one in the fall and in conjunction with the two educational meetings of the LSRT.  LSRT board meetings are open meetings and anyone is invited to attend.  For specific agenda items planned for a particular board meeting, please contact the LSRT President prior to the date of the board meeting.  To have an item considered as agenda item, please submit the item to the LSRT President or any member of the executive board for agenda consideration.  Contact information for the LSRT President for date and location of the next board meeting. The President and Board Members contact information is located in the Directory section of the LSRT Web Page.

The scheduled Board Meetings of the LSRT Executive Board will be at scheduled dates

Contact President Sarah Barnes for more information if desired (see directory).

Special Meetings of the LSRT Board may be called in accordance with the LSRT By-Laws.


Friday, July 12, 2024, in conjunction with 66th Annual Meeting of LSRT at 9:20 AM  –  Shreveport, Louisiana