The year indicated after the past President’s name is the year in which they were installed as President of LSRT.  In years when there are two past President’s indicated for the same year, the first names stated is the name of a President who was unable to fulfill their duties and the second name indicates the First Vice President who became President.

Laura Harwell  (1957)

Harold Ramirez  (1958)

Lem Owens   (1959)

Charles Pasqua (1960)

Barbara Payne (1961)

Louis Pavur (1962)

Ernest Bennett (1963)

Neta McKnight (1964)

Peggy Taylor (1965)

Joe Schwartz (1966)

J. V. Leggett (1967)

Gene Brown (1968)

Neil Dufour (1969)

Alex Ettiene (1970)

Gene Brown  (1971)

Nick Gagliano (1972)

Roy Navarro  (1973)

James McLemore (1974)

Jackie Sprole  (1975)

Janet Schnautz (1976)

Jolene Carson  (1977)

Alice Dauzat (1978)

Carol A. Krebs (1979)

Barbie Landry (1980)

Mike West (1981)

Linda Davis (1982)

Wilda Smith  (1983)

Nadia Bugg (1984)

Charlene Sirman (1985)

Bonnie J Saucier (1986)

Debbie Lea  (1987)

Greg Bradley (1988)

Lance Laborde  (1989)

Larry Campbell (1990)

 Robert Roy (1990)

Steve Pitre  (1991)

Susie Beasley (1992)

Susan Hammonds (1993)

Charlene Sirman  (1994)

Joey Fontenot  (1995)

Rickie Ragan  (1996)

Sophia DePriest (1997)

Chere’ Cooper (1998)

Mark Daigle (1999)

Rickey Todd (2000)

Butch Thibodeaux (2001)

Greg Bradley (2001)

Laura Carwile (2002)

Susie Beasley (2003)

Rickey Todd (2004)

Kathy  Self (2005)

Laura Carwile Aaron (2006)

Dee deLassus (2007)

Angie Sonnier, MSRS, R.T. (R) (2008)

Kelli Haynes, MSRS, R.T. (R) (2009)

Sandra Franklin, B.S., R.T. (2010)

Andy Allen, M.Ed., R.T. (R) (2010)

Brett Bennett, M.Ed., R.T. (R) (2011)

Fred Drouant, R.T. (R) (2012)

Rhonda Ryker, B.S., R.T. (R) (2013)

Jaclyn Verret Peters, MSRS, R.T. (R) (2014)

Tammy Curtis, PhD., R.T. (R)(CT)(CHES)(2015)

Joel Hicks, Ed.D., R.T. (R)(2016)

Carmen George, MSRS, R.T. (R) (2017)

Melissa Whitley, MSRS, R.T. (R) (2018)

Alyssa Bell, R.T. (R) (2019*)

Rebecca Hamm (2021)

Allison Puente ( 2022)

Those in Blue Indicates this was the second time the individual served as President 

*was elected as President in 2019, no election took place in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, terms of officer extended for another year