Life member is the highest honor the LSRT can bestow on one of its members.  Nominations for this honor can be made in writing by any LSRT member.  All nominations shall be reviewed and a decision made by the LSRT Board of Directors.

Selection Criteria for Life membership:

1.  Active continuous membership in the LSRT for at least 20 years.

2.  Active participation in Society functions.

3.  Recognized for promotion of and devotion to the LSRT.

4.  Recognized for promotion and devotion to Quality Patient Care, and

5.  be a professional of High Ethics and Integrity.

Nominee should not be a current member of the Board of Directors.  Any members wishing to make a nomination should submit a vitae of the member nominated to the LSRT Chairman of the Board


Eugene Brown, *+

Nick Gagliano, *+

Francis Hedgepath*+

Laura Harwell *+

Eunice Scroggs *

Joe Schwartz +

Alice Dauzat

Elizabeth Frizzell

Bonnie Jean Saucier

Barbie Landry

Carol Krebs

Jolene Carson

Sue Hammonds

Debbie Lea

Joann Croll

Harold Gaspard

Greg Bradley

Charlene Sirman

Susie Beasley

Laura Aaron

Brett Bennett

* charter member of LSRT

+  deceased