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Facility Recognition

Louisiana Imaging Professionals Making A Difference

The LSRT Recognizes – St. Francis Medical Center – Monroe, Louisiana

From its modest beginning in July 1913 as a three-story red brick building with 75 patient beds, St. Francis Medical Center (SFMC) has grown to become Northeast Louisiana’s largest healthcare provider with 345 licensed beds. SFMC is located in Monroe, Louisiana near the University of Louisiana at Monroe. SFMC has always been a supporter of the radiologic technology program at ULM and many other programs from in the ULM institution. In times of need, the facility has always been willing to help ULM, its students, and faculty. The administrators have supported the Student Excellence Award for many years, and after graduation, they are always the top R.T. graduate employer. The students enjoy attending clinic at this facility, and their technologists represent excellence and pride in the work that they do. SFMC is an excellent facility and proponent of the radiologic sciences. 


As a part of this recognition, the LSRT also recognizes specific technologists at the facility who perform an outstanding job both as technologists and as student instructors in the clinical setting. The first is Mr. Gregory Scott Arnold. Scott, a former instructor for ULM for nearly 10 years, always takes time to really teach the students especially regarding exposure techniques which is always a difficult topic. Scott really enjoys taking the time with the students which is a rare find, and the students learn a lot from him.


 Gregory Scott Arnold, Imaging Supervisor and Radiologic Technologist, SFMC Diagnostic

 The second is Mrs. Jennifer Dollins. Jennifer is the current SFMC clinical instructor for the ULM Radiologic Technology program. According to many, Jennifer is always kind and understanding with the students, and they feel comfortable coming to her with any problems they encounter. 


 Jennifer Dollins, Imaging Supervisor and Radiologic Technologist, SFMC Diagnostic

 The third is Mrs. Courtney Henry. Courtney is the SFMC student favorite. Courtney has also been known to take time to teach the technologists even in the emergency setting, and she knows how to be calm and patient with the newest students.


Courtney Henry, Radiologic Technologist, SFMC Emergency Room

Overall, this is an excellent facility for employees, students, and patients alike. The LSRT is proud to present a 2018 Facility Recognition to the St. Francis Medical Center facility and its radiology employees


When Submitting a Facility to be Recognized

Please click here complete the form then print the completed form

Then submit the completed form to one of the following individuals

 Susie Beasley, M.Ed., R.T. (R)

LSRT Historian

Box 91820

Lake Charles, LA  70609




mail to the President-Elect

Consult www.lsrt.net for contact information Deadline for June issue submissions is

May 1, 2019