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Continuing Education


Opportunities for CE Credit

Continuing Education is provided at educational meetings of the LSRT.  Go to the meetings tab for details on upcoming meetings.


LSRT members can obtain a copy of their current continuing education records through LSRT on-line Members benefits program.  Members may register for on-line member benefits  CLICK HERE

Tracking of Continuing Education Credits

As a member benefit, LSRT will track credits for Continuing Education (CE) activities which are sponsored by LSRT at an LSRT educational meeting or one of its recognized subordinate affiliate society meetings, as long as the activity has been approved for CE credit by the ASRT.

Members may print a copy of their CE documentation from the LSRT website.  This documentation may be provided to ASRT if the individual is an ASRT member.  The documentation may be used for LA State licensure renewal and ARRT renewal.

Non members will receive documentation in the form of a certificate if they attend an annual or mid-winter meeting sponsored by LSRT.  

On-site Continuing Education Policies at Educational Meetings

The LSRT reviews all Continuing Education Programs for educational meetings of the state and recognized subordinate affiliate societies, as well as that of the LSRT councils.  All guidelines of the ASRT must be met in order to receive credit approval.

To ensure compliance with ASRT regulations, the following policies are in place:

    • Attendees will not be allowed in a lecture room 10 minutes after the lecture has started.
    • CE tickets will be distributed to attendees upon entering the room.  No tickets will be distributed after the lecture has begun
    • If an attendee must leave the room while the lecture is in progress, the CE ticket will be collected by the room monitor.  The attendee may be allowed back in the lecture room if they returned within 10 minutes.  At that time, the room monitor will re-issue the CE ticket.
    • CE tickets will be collected as attendees exit the lecture room.  No tickets will be collected after an attendee has left the lecture room.
    • CE tickets must be completed to include the name and last 4 digits of the social security number, or preprinted barcode label obtained at time of registration in order to receive the lecture credit.
    • Non-members of LSRT attending an Annual or Mid Winter meeting will be awarded CE certificates by mail after completion of the meeting.

Continuing Education (CE) Approval Process 

For approval of all CE activities sponsored by the LSRT at the Annual or Mid Winter Meetings, or Local Affiliate Meeting, complete the forms attached and submit as instructed 


Further information regarding continuing education approval or tracking can be obtained by contacting Susan Hammonds Guarisco, B.S., R.T., LSRT continuing Education Coordinator, 8702 Carriage Court Drive, Baton Rouge, LA.  70817 or e-mail at susanguarisco@att.net