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President’s Message

 Alyssa Bell - photo

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, 


As I stand here in front of you the first thing that comes to mind is   ”Thank you. “  Thank you to my parents for raising me to always do my best. To try new things and to never settle. Thank you to my wonderful husband for understanding my passion about Imaging and supporting my often crazy schedule.  Thank you to my LSRT mentors!  To Carmen, Jaclyn, Melissa, and the entire Board—- I would not be here today if were not for the constant support and encouragement I get from all of you!  Thank you to my teachers from North Oaks:  Mr. Ken, Marsha, & Heather for teaching and guiding me.   And mostly thank God for giving me this blessed life surrounded by these wonderful people.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I would have ever seen myself in this position the answer would have been no. I have been a member of LSRT since 2001 when I was a student.  I missed a few years while I followed my career to Oklahoma and then Texas.  But I have become more involved since I moved back to Louisiana in 2013.  

     My leadership journey with LSRT started as Annual Meeting Chairwoman in 2016 in Baton Rouge. It was tough work… but it was so very rewarding.  I must admit it was a great one! I grew close to other leaders and board members of LSRT and after being so involved “I caught the bug”! I have served on committees, been Vice President and I have spent this past year soaking up all I could as president elect. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this fantastic society!  I have great hopes and plans for the future of LSRT.

     There is forever change in the Imaging profession and I plan for LSRT to help our members embrace change and move forward making our profession even better!  We will continue to fight and advocate for Rad Techs alongside other State Societies and imaging professionals from across the United States to prevent encroachment.  We will strive to help our “newer” technologists in the field to understand and be successful as they begin the CQR process. And we will work with our students, developing leadership skills and confidence, to help them be successful in their future careers. My hope is that these will be just a few of the accomplishments we will achieve together.

     In closing- I would like to say thank you again. Thank you to the members of LSRT for trusting me to lead this amazing society.   Thank you for the opportunity to represent our state and the profession that I love.  I will not be able to do it alone.  I will need your help and I look forward to building even more relationships along the way. 

Thank you.

Alyssa Bell, R.T (R)


President 2019-2020