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President’s Message

Carmen Bust

Greetings!  I pray all of you are having a wonderful start to the New Year.  In this “New Year” I know it is customary to make resolutions for ourselves and I would like to encourage all of you as technologists to look for ways you can improve the patient’s experience while in your care.  Take the extra minute to ensure your patient is comfortable, they are properly gowned (so you know there will not be any artifacts that necessitate a repeat), your centering is accurate, the patient is shielded, and your technique is set correctly.  Remember we are the Gold Standard for our profession and these are all actions every one of us should be taking with each and every patient. 

     The LSRT Radiation Protection Task Force has been working diligently on ways to help remind and aid in technologists to adhere to ALARA.  The LSRT task force received a grant from ASRT to help promote radiation safety and the organization is passing it on to the members.  The task force has developed some slogans and members and will be seeing pens plus buttons unveiled at the 2018 Midwinter Seminar to help remind technologists regarding patient safety and to let the public know that their safety is on the forefront of our minds!

     The 2018 Midwinter Seminar in Alexandria is fast approaching and the LSRT has some wonderful lectures for the technologists to help us keep our skills polished and ensure we are staying abreast of any changes.  Please be sure to come out to Alexandria for the one-day seminar where technologists will be able to receive up to 6.25 CE Credits!  Register online or print your form off and mail it in today from www.lsrt.net.  I look forward to seeing all of you in Alexandria on March 3rd!

     One common theme I have spoken about with you is excellence.  I believe we have priceless jewels in the form of technologists throughout our state and we need YOU to help unveil them!  Here are some ways you can help recognize your colleagues or your facility. There are some different ways we can help recognize both facilities and individuals:

Statewide: In 2015 the LSRT developed The Facility Recognition Program to honor any facility in Louisiana that emanates excellence.  Up to two facilities will be recognized each year and it will be published in the two major publications of the Focal Spot Monitor plus the facility will be visited and presented a plaque by the board.  Go to the LSRT’s website (lsrt.net) and click on the “Facility Recognition” tab and complete the form.

Another way is the LSRT Technologist of the Year  Award, which is awarded annually (see January issue of Focal Spot Monitor for details)

Nationally: Stay alert for the next opportunity to nominate a technologist to be recognized through the ARRT’s “I Am the Gold Standard Program.”  Who in your department or at another facility do you feel exudes the ARRT’s I am the Gold Standard? They are looking for technologists that go above and beyond the “usual standards” for our profession.  More information on this can be found on the ARRT’s website (arrt.org).

     It is time for the R.T.s of Louisiana to shine and let others know what great facilities and technologists we have in this state and the great care our patients are receiving!  We are Radiologic TechKNOWLEDGEists, let’s spread the Knowledge…

Your LSRT President 2017-2018,

Carmen George, MSRS, ARRT R.T. (R)