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Fellow LSRT Members,


As I began my time as president last year, I set three goals for myself and the board to accomplish. First, I wanted to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the LSRT which included methods to assess our current projects and events. I am proud to say, that after many long hours and meetings, this task has been accomplished. It is my hope that through this plan, we can grow the organization and its membership to better represent and serve our Louisiana radiologic technologists. Next, I intended to develop our public relations with the membership. Although this task is never-ending, I feel that we have seen an immense improvement in this area. We have grown our Facebook group by over 600 since last summer, and each of our Focal Spot Monitors has included a “Good News” article or featured a technologist in the state doing amazing things. Last, I intended to keep the membership informed about legislative issues which may affect our profession and encroachment from other professions which is a growing problem for us currently. This was accomplished with each Focal Spot Monitor Presidential Message, through regular updates from our Legislative Affairs Committee, and through letters/videos on our Facebook page. I am also proud to announce that this work was noted nationally by the ASRT, and that the LSRT is being recognized with the 2022 ASRT Affiliate Advocacy Award because of our efforts.

In addition to these goals, we have also provided two successful events and planned for a third to provide continuing education, networking, career fair, and other educational opportunities over the last year.  Feedback from attendees was very positive, and we hope to continue to deliver this level of quality in the future as we transition to new leadership. A Legislative Action Plan was developed as a coordinated effort by LSRT Board members, the Legislative Affairs Committee, the Advocacy Task Force, and the ASRT Government Relations Office. This plan will be implemented in the coming year to help prepare our organization for any possible legislative issues or opening of our current licensure law that may arise. A new and improved website is in the works and should be completed by this Fall thanks to assistance and funding from the ASRT as well. And lastly, thanks to many coordinated efforts, we held immensely successful NRTW and Social Media Takeover events this year. We hope to keep this momentum and hold other similar events throughout next year.

Reflecting on the progress made over the last year, I am extremely proud of how far we have come. Much of that praise belongs to the amazing team I was gifted during my time as President. There are many individual acknowledgements I could make, but I will keep this short. Thank you to the LSRT Board for its hard work over the last year. I could not have done these things without each of you. Thank you to the ASRT for its support and for providing us with the tools we needed for successful Affiliate Development and for its acknowledgements of our achievements. And thank you to my wonderful husband and three daughters for allowing and supporting my service to this organization and my profession. As for the future, I could not be leaving the LSRT Presidency in better hands. Mrs. Allison Puente was instrumental in all of the efforts discussed here, and she will be an excellent advocate and representative for our membership and Louisiana’s technologists. For not the last time but my last time as President, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



Rebecca G. Hamm, M.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT)