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President’s Message

2018 Melissa Head shotGood Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’ve been having some sleepless nights wondering what words to say to you tonight and finally “D” day arrives, and here I stand in front of you delivering my views and most importantly, my acceptance. As I look to the many curious and staring eyes on me, I believe the coming year may bring even more sleepless nights.

     It is an honor for me to be here tonight to accept the position of President of the LSRT, an organization with a proud past and an exciting future.  And as I refer to its proud past I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our outgoing president, Mrs. Carmen George.  Carmen, we have benefitted so much from your term as president.  Your leadership was steady and assured but most of all had a clear vision of the initiatives the LSRT needed.  I hope to continue the work you started.

     I’d like to take a moment to thank several people, without whom, I can confidently say I would not be here today.  I was fortunate enough to be taught by some amazing teachers.  Although it was many (many) years ago, Greg and Susie, thank you for being the perfect examples of what it means to be involved and passionate about our profession and instilling in me that passion. 

     Next, to whom I consider my LSRT mentors, Jaclyn Peters and Carmen George.  Thank you for pushing me to be more involved in this wonderful organization.  Indeed, all of you are an inspiration, a challenge and an avenue for me to continue doing these great works you began.  To Sarah Barnes, thank you for joining the LSUA team.  I could not do all that I do without you.  To my students, past and present, thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and teacher.  And last but certainly not least, my family, mom, daddy, Danny, and Jamie.  I would not be the person I am today without your continuous love, encouragement and support in everything I do.

     And so, to the future.  It is an absolute honor and privilege to stand before you on this special occasion and begin my journey as President.  But a single head achieves nothing, so I am counting on your support to achieve the growth and goals I have dreamt for the LSRT. This is truly a moment to be honored and cherished. I accept this appointment with pride and will give my best efforts to make you proud to have selected me. With grace of God and the cooperation of fellow members, I will devote my time and myself to the obligations and the duties of this position.   

Over the next year we will continue to build on our strengths, but also take on new directions.

     We will continue programs that strengthen our profession – through education, training and resources.  We will also retain our commitment to advocacy, ensuring that all Radiologic Technologists are protected from encroachment and have more opportunities to be successful.  At the end of the year, it is my dream and prayer that we will have transformed these possibilities and opportunities into stories of success and triumph.

     In closing, it is my greatest delight this evening for the trust and faith you bestowed in me as the incoming President of LSRT. Thank you to the membership, who believed in me to head the team of LSRT.  With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I believe this journey will not be a smooth one if I am to walk it alone.  Thankfully, I will not have to walk alone.  I have the support of the many who have served before me and those who will serve after me.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you!  God Bless the LSRT!


Melissa Whitley, MSRS, R.T. (R)

LSRT President 2018—2019