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Photo Gallery

 59th LSRT Annual Meeting Awards

 2016 Angie Sonnier







2016 Technologist of the Year ANGIE SONNIER

  2016 quiz bowl winner Holy Cross 1.jpg

University of Holy Cross Wins 2016 LSRT Quiz Bowl

 2016 quiz bowl winner Holy Cross

 University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) –  2nd place winner 2016 Quiz Bowl

 2016 1st place Scientific Exhibit

1st PlaceTechnologist Scientific Exhibit

“Spindle Cell Sarcoma”
Rebecca Simoneaux, Mark Martone, Sarah Gonclaves, and Kristen Wells

 2016 1st place student exhibit winners

 1st place Student Scientific Exhibit

“Flight Crew Radiation”
Alexis Esneault and Katherine Stewart
Our Lady of the Lake College – Baton Rouge

 2016 2nd place student exhibit winners

  2nd Place Student Scientific Exhibit

“Keeping the Beat with Less”

Kelsey Coutee

Northwestern State University

 2016 3rd Place Exhibit Winner

3rd Place Student Scientific Exhibit

“Everyday I’m Suffering”

Lindsey Clark, McKayla Willie, Jaci Cornett, Austin Lavergne, Catherine Bossetta, and Eric Sulik

Baton Rouge General Medical Center

 2016 1st place Scientific Essay Winner

1st Place Student Scientific Essay Winner

The Progression of Breast Imaging Technology”

Kristin Dall

Northwestern State University

 2nd Place Student Scientific Essay Winner

Kevin Freeman (no photo available)
“A tiny Solution to a Big Problem: Treating and Diagnosing Cancerous tumors with Nanoparticles” 

North Oaks Medical Center 

3rd place Student Scientific Essay

Trevante Taylor (no photo available)

“Diagnosing Mental Disorders with Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
North Oaks Medical Center

 2016 joe schwartz scholarship winner Shanna Hebert


2016 Joe Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Winner SHANNA HEBERT