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Commercial Exhibits

Commercial Booths are exhibited at the annual and mid winter meetings.  Exhibit days at the meetings are Friday and Saturday. Booth space price is $500.00.  Electricity is supplied to the booth upon request.  Each booth will be supplied a table with a skirt.
For more information contact: Fred Drouant, 18266 Cusachs Drive, Covington, LA  70433, email: Fastfreedy246@yahoo.com       phone:  (985) 373-6177 Home

Listed below are the Exhibition Rules and Regulations, and the Contract.


ASSIGNMENT – Assignment of available space will be made in order of application received.

PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATIONS – Cost of booth space is $500.  Exhibitors will pay booth fee with application.  In the event of cancellation by the Exhibitor, the LSRT shall have the right to retain such amount as liquidated damages.

HOURS OF EXHIBITION – Friday 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. and Saturday 8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

INSTALLATION OF EXHIBITS – Exhibitors may have access to booth starting at 7:30 A.M. each morning they are exhibiting.  The Exhibitor should have the installation of his Exhibit completed by opening time on specified day.

BOOTH FURNITURE – All booths will be furnished with a table.

CONTRACT – Below are the highlights of exhibit rules.

1.  Exhibitors must confine their activities to the space for which they have contracted.
2. Exhibitors are prohibited from using amplifying equipment that is objectionable.
3. Exhibitors will not be permitted to use strolling entertainment nor to distribute samples or souvenirs except from their own booth.
4. Exhibitors who use costumed girls or mannequins should be sure the their manner of appearance and dress is such as not to offend even the most critical.
5. Exhibitors should be sure that any material used in booth decoration, etc., is flameproof before installation.
6. There will be only four complimentary registration badges issued per booth.

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY – The hotel management/LSRT organization will not provide security during the closed hours of the exhibition.  The Hotel/LSRT or any officer or staff members thereof will not be responsible for the safety of the property of the exhibitor, his agents, or employees, from theft, damage by fire, accident, or any other causes.

 CLICK HERE For the Commercial Exhibit Application/Contract